Benefits of Short-Term Rentals

Luxurya specializes in short-term rentals that provide a home away from home experience for guests, while earning our clients an attractive income from their investment properties. Our regular services include cleaning and turnover between guests, as well as periodic deep-cleaning services and minor maintenance and repairs to ensure your property is always in excellent condition.

Cash Flow Growth

We find and acquire premium value-add producing income properties with a strong rate of return in the growing primary markets. Our stiff criteria helps our clients sift through numerous properties before choosing the one that meets the exact specification with the highest cash flow return.

Short-Term Rental Earnings

We aim to provide our clients with an opportunity to build wealth by adding another income stream to their investment portfolio.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Rentals

With short-term rentals, your income is much greater than doing long-term rentals. Nightly rates go for much higher, rather than a fixed rate for a long-term tenant which is a lot more profitable. Daily & weekly stays are in demand. Short-term rentals are less time consuming and more cost efficient as opposed to long-term rentals.